How to Choose Your Pool Shape

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Adding a swimming pool to your backyard in Bakersfield makes a world of difference in the summer and our long swim season. At Sparks Custom Pools, we have over a decade of experience building all types of pools. Looking forward to transforming a backyard with customized landscaping can be a wonderful adventure that ignites creativity. But one of the most important aspects of creating a beautiful swimming pool is the pool shape. While almost any shape imaginable can be applied to a pool, certain shapes can suit a particular backyard better than others.

Rectangular Pools

A rectangle shaped pool is one of the most popular and classic shapes for a swimming pool. It works best with a geometric outdoor landscape. Also, it really looks wonderful in small backyards as a lap pool.

Kidney-Shaped Pools

A kidney-shaped pool has a total lack of corners and sharp angles, which means it goes well with a modern backyard space. Some pool owners like this pool shape design because it feels safer for small children or families with children.

Roman & Grecian

A Roman-shaped pool is symmetrical like a rectangle on its sides; moreover, it adds semicircles at the ends with rounded corners. However, a Grecian-shaped pool look is similar, looking like a rectangle with the corners trimmed off.


A freeform pool doesn’t have any set shape, so the sky is the limit when a pool owner decides to install and customize one of these. Waterfalls, stones, fountains, and other custom additional features can be added to freeform pool shapes. If you’re someone with a flexible budget and looking to match your pool’s character with your backyard’s personality, a freeform pool shape projects might be for you.


Ask This Question Before You Decide on a Pool Shape

Will Your Family Size Change in the Coming Years?

It’s hard to know what will happen five or six years from now, but just as pool shapes change, so does our family size. Consider the space you’ll need first before you decide on a size and shape for your pool. Asking yourself this question now and thinking about your pool use down the road will prevent you from regretting or overlooking any pressing details.

Sparks Custom Pools

Customers choose Sparks Custom Pools for our knowledge of the pool industry and knowing which pool systems are the most reliable. Our attention to personal service is what makes the pool building process a pleasure. We want to make sure that you get exactly the right swimming pool for your family to enjoy.

When we meet with you at your home, we’ll take photos of the yard, talk about how you want to use your pool and what feature options you’ll most enjoy. Then, we’ll create a 3D rendering of your new pool based on our conversation. If you want to remodel an existing pool, we take the same process of discovering what you want, designing, and showing you the outcome in 3D. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Our experienced crew will make excavating, framing, and finish your pool as convenient as possible. In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to dive in and play or just float the afternoon away on a raft. Contact us today!


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