2 Ways to Conserve Your Pool Water

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In the Bakersfield heat, it’s best to upkeep best pool water conservation practices. Let’s look at 2 ways to conserve your pool water, reduce evaporation water loss, reduce backwash water loss, and more.

Lessen Water Loss From Evaporation

When the weather warms up as hot as it does in Bakersfield, a swimming pool can lose up to 1/4 inches of its water per day due to evaporation. Furthermore, windy areas can lose more water as warm air comes into contact with the pool surface, which absorbs your pool water’s moisture.

Here are some quick tips on how to reduce your pool’s evaporation:

Decrease Water Loss From Backwash

  1. Cleaner for your Sand Cleaner: Filter cleaners remove scale and oil that causes filter pressure to rise quickly, providing a more effective backwash.
  2. Robot Pool Cleaners: Remove dirt and debris before it even reaches your pool filter.
  3. Separation Tanks: Sep tanks clean your backflush wasted water, which returns fresh water to your swimming pool.
  4. Cartridge Pool Filters: These filters do not need backflushing at all.
  5. Limit Backwashing: Don’t backwash too much. Instead, wait until the pressure gauge reads 10 psi higher than the regular clean pressure, or water flow rates become diminished.
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