How to Cool Your Pool

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Bakersfield, California sees some high temperatures during the warm months. Most of us locals think taking a dip in our pools will keep us cool and fresh. But sometimes, even our pool water becomes too hot to enjoy. We typically enjoy swimming water when its temperature is within range of 80-88 degrees, with temperatures below 80 and above 90 are not enjoyable to swim in. Let’s go over some ways to keep your swim cool and inviting for you and your loved ones.

Fountains, Waterfalls, and Pool Slides

Installing a fountain and waterfall lowers your water’s temperature. Fountains and waterfalls stir up some evaporation, which cools your swimming water. Using your fountain or waterfall at night is also the most effective way to cool your pool.


Using ice as a method to cool your pool seems silly, but it really works if you can get enough ice into your pool. However, the temperature change that ice creates is only temporary.

Drain and Refill

A partial drain and refill of your swimming pool water is another great option, depending on your pool water source. The drain and refill method work if your water source is from a well because well water is usually much cooler than surface water during some months.

Reversible Heat Pumps

Reversible heat pumps will either heat or cool pool water with the flip of a switch. Although they are fairly expensive and consume a considerable amount of power to operate, they are effective when it comes to cooling pool water.



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