2019 Popular Pool Design Additions: The Fire Pit

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2019 Pool Design Additions: The Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit to your swimming pool’s landscape creates a relaxing, warm atmosphere. There’s something about burning embers that invites your guests to sit cozy and share memories. With all that added warmth during the winter holidays, a firepit is a backyard accessory you should consider!

Here we list the various advantages and style choices you might consider when adding a fire pit to your backyard:

Wood-Burning Fire Pit

Nothing quite compares to the crackling that emanates out from a wood fire. Fueling your fire pit with wood is useful if you live near an area where you can obtain wood.

Propane Fire Pit

Propane fire pits provide users a clean burn. So if you want to be environmentally friendly, the fuel source for propane is easy to use and the ideal choice for you. These fire pits have portable propane tanks which allow for location portability.

Glass Rocks, Stone Pebbles, or Lava Rocks

Don’t forget to consider the inner design of your prospective fire pit. Choose a material that matches the overall design scheme you desire. There are three choices you can ponder when considering your fire pit materials:

Glass Rocks

Glass rocks are the latest development in fire pit fillers; glass rocks have become an increasingly popular choice with backyard enthusiasts. A sparkling, glass centerpiece will most likely mesmerize guests as they mesh with the warm flame colors flickering in the air.

Stone Pebbles

Stone pebbles make your fire pit appear most natural. If you have ever felt a hot stone massage, you know that stones heat well and can last longer than other materials. But stones may block the flow of gas due to each pebble’s size. Therefore, you might want to consider other materials with your fire put or scatter stones along the surface and provide space in-between each.

Lava Rocks

Lava rocks instantly transport your fire put to a volcanic landscape, as lava rocks look more tropical. Lava rocks have a porous build which allows gas to pass through easily. Therefore, lava rocks are an ideal filler for fire pits but they should not be combined with other water or fire features.

Time To Customize Your Fire Pit

Not only will you enjoy a custom fire pit, but you can also stun your friends and family. Here are a few fire pit design layout options:

Water Feature

Fire and water are one of the most beautiful contrasts you can find in someone’s backyard. If you choose to combine the two in your backyard design layout, think of using either multiple, small fire pits around your pool. Surround your swimming pool with stylish fire bowls

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