Step One: Design

First things first. A member of our team will meet with you to find out what you are looking for with your pool design and what options are available to you. After that, our team will design a 3D rendering video of what your new backyard will look like. This process will allow you to see a realistic version of what your pool or spa will look like and allow you to make any tweaks or changes. Once you approve of the design, we will discuss budget and financing options.

Step Two: Excavation

It takes about four to six weeks from breaking ground to jumping in the water. You’ll see exactly where the pool will be in your yard because there will be stakes set up to define the perimeter. We’ll protect trees as necessary so that the only digging happens at the pool site. Access to the yard will be necessary for our excavator, so if your gate isn’t wide enough, we will have to work with your fence. Anything that we take out, we put back. Please contact the utility companies that you have and tell them that you’re digging a pool. They will come out and mark utility locations that we need to know about before we dig.

Step Three: Framing

Plumbing, wiring and steel substructure goes in once we dig the hole. At this stage, you’ll see where we place the drain, skimmers, light niches, return lines, and spa plumbing (if you want a spa). We also frame the deck and any walkways.

Step Four: Finishing Touches

We’ll pour whichever finish you select – concrete, aggregate, or gunite.  After the bottom and sides are complete, we add tile trim according to design. The final step is to complete the deck. Concrete, stone or pavers are popular choices.

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