March is All About Reopening Your Pool

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Time to Dive Back into Your Pool

Don’t let March madness get the best of you. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate and enjoy this month like reveling in the gorgeous springtime and its warmer weather or cheering on your time during some competitive College basketball. Chances are, you and your loved ones are going to want to chill outside and soak up the sun rays. Before we dive back into some backyard fun, let’s review the main steps to reopening your pool.

March Into Pool Fun

The Sparks Custom Pools family understands that March is one of the most popular months to reopen your pool. But do not wait until temperatures heat up past 75 degrees, as this breeds dangerous algae and other contaminants that make homes inside your pool. Who wants something foul and hazardous growing in your backyard where your loved ones relax? Not us!

Let’s reopen your pool by taking some cautionary steps to ensure everyone stays safe and your pool stays looking and feeling fresh!

How to reopen your swimming pool back up again with a simple maintenance plan:

  1. Hook up your filter system and pump again. Check everything to make sure it’s working properly.
  2. Does your water have a nice, blue color, or is it green and swampy?
  3. Even if your pool water is clear and healthy, you should still test the water for pH and alkalinity.
  4. Don’t forget to add pool chlorine tablets to gain the pH and alkalinity levels your pool needs.
  5. Uh-Oh! So, you do have green water. Green water and algae build up means you need to utilize more chlorine tablets to attack the issue before it gets out of control.
  6. Vacuum and remove all excess algae to prevent problems in the future.

Pool Maintenance With the Best

Sparks Custom Pools knows it takes a lot of dedication and effort to keep your pool sparkling fresh. If you’ve taken all our preventive measures but you’re still experiencing difficulty reopening your pool back up for the warmer months, it’s time to call a Sparks Pools professional. Give us a call, and our Sparks Pools team will be happy to consult you on the best practices to use when reopening or maintaining your pool.

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