#1 Bakersfield Pool Renovation

Is it time to update your swimming pool?

Pools that are over 10-15 years old may start to look a bit tired or dated. And, the existing equipment is probably a lot less energy efficient than systems that are available today. New swimming pool systems use about 60% less electricity than systems put in 20 years ago.

You can refresh the look of your pool and/or systems that run the pool with renovations that range from simple to major. And, updates make owning your pool more fun and convenient.

Add new features to your swimming pool for design

Take a plain swimming pool and add beauty with:

  • New tile or mosaics along the edge
  • New color or finish for the interior plaster or aggregate
  • Water features such as a waterfall, water curtain, fountain, bubbler, or aerator
  • Built-in underwater seating or table
  • Beach entry
  • Stone or stone-look decking
  • Built-in spa
  • Fire pit

Update swimming pool systems for energy efficiency or convenience

  • Energy-efficient pump, filter, or plumbing
  • Energy-efficient heat pump or solar heater
  • New water system – chlorine-free, mineral, or salt water
  • Robotic pool cleaner
  • Computerized remote automation systems
  • Built-in automated pool cover

Talk with us about how we can help you put the fun back into your pool.

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