Pool Slide Safety Tips

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Is Your Pool Slide Smart?

What makes a premium swimming pool slide? Most of the best and widely popular slides pass 48 individual performance standards governed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Solely pool slides that have been graded to this standard should be installed and considered safe to use.

Let’s dive into it: There are three things to consider when looking to optimize pool slide safety: product safety features, adherence to all federal safety standards, and functioning installation.

Test Your Slide’s Safety

The CPSC Pool Slide Standards gives requirements concerning manufacturing, construction, and needed materials. Swimming pool slides must meet all applicable standard requirements to comply. Here are some general rules to remember and follow:

  1. Ensure your slide is mounted per the manufacturer recommended specs.
  2. To be safe, kids younger than six or shorter than three feet should not use pool slides.
  3. Don’t shake or push the ladder or the slide’s stairs.
  4. Only allow one person to use the slide at a time.
  5. Wait your turn. Do not slide until you see the person before has cleared the slide landing space or left the pool.
  6. Refrain from sliding while holding pool toys or other objects that can get caught and cause injury.
  7. For those aspiring stunt doubles out there, don’t try complicated positions. Slide down feet first.
  8. We’ve seen a lot of people add oils or other items to help slide faster. Many of these people fall and hurt themselves. Don’t be one of those people.
  9. This one is obvious; don’t propel things at people as they’re sliding even if you think they’re a ninja. They’re not.
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