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How do I Choose a Professional Pool Builder?  

There are countless pool builders out there. Therefore, how do you choose the right one for you and your needs? The big thing to focus on is your needs. Furthermore, you want a pool builder that has experience and knowledge to be able to complete your ideal vision. To help you with this selection process, Sparks Custom Pools collected this checklist to help you tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.

Let’s dive right in!  

The Pool Builder Checklist 101

Find out the contractor’s name. 

1.  Business Information and Experience

Make sure the pool design company is licensed and insured.

Note: Check if the name on the license is the same name as the company’s name. If not, make sure you find out why.

Ask how many years the company has been designing and building pools. For instance, Sparks Custom Pools has a 10-year history of providing excellent customer service and quality workmanship ensures that you get the best pool building experience.


Note: Because about half of contractors fail within their first three years after start-up, it’s important to know how many years your company has been in business. 

2.  References

  1. How many pools were installed last year?
  2. Of those installations, how many references can they provide? 
Note: if the swimming pool builder doesn’t provide many of their customers as references, we consider this strike one.  

Lastly, call at least 7-10 references and take notes. When you call their references, ask them the following:

  1. If you needed another project, would you use the same pool, builder?
  2. What did you like most about the pool builder’s service?
  3. What did you like the least about the pool builder’s service?
  4. How did the pool builder handle challenging demands?
  5. Did they provide good customer service?

3.  Ratings, Reviews, and Tips

Always read the pool builder’s ratings and reviews. Furthermore, see if they responded well to any negative reviews.


4.  Products Used

Jot down the tools and products used, and check their reviews. Always check if the products are backed by warranties.

5.  Project Planning

Make sure your pool builder and design company keeps a clear design & project plan going forward. Check out Sparks Custom Pools’ design plan:

  1. Choices in Swimming Pool Design – Adding a swimming pool to your backyard in Bakersfield makes a world of difference in the summer and our long swim season. At Sparks Custom Pools, we have over 10 years’ experience building all types of pools. We begin the design process by asking you questions. You’ll see a 3D design rendering as the final step, to ensure that every detail is exactly as you want.
  2. How do you want to use your pool? You may be a lap swimmer, or just want to float and enjoy a cool dip. Or you have kids or grandkids that want a place to play and invite friends. How you use your pool determines depth – all the same, vs. shallow end and deep end. What’s important to you drives the design of the pool.
  3. How do you want your pool to fit within your yard? For some people, the swimming pool is the primary feature of the backyard. For others, the pool is part of a complete backyard design that shares space with an outdoor kitchen, play equipment, or landscape area.
  4. What features are important to you? Many water features are available, such as waterfalls from rocks, a water wall, or a spray that aerates the pool. Fire features are also becoming popular. A large bowl contains glass or lava rock much like a fire pit, but it’s part of the pool design. Beach entries are another option. Lighting is also a consideration.

More Project Planning Questions to Ask:

  1. What type of surface do you like? We’ll talk about color and type of surface for the pool. Classic white plaster, gunite, aggregate (pebbles that come in varying colors), or a complete tile surface. Your choice of surface coordinates with the edging and tile around the perimeter of the pool.
  2. Do you have thoughts on the pool deck? We will make suggestions based on your other choices. Options include patterned concrete, aggregate, pavers, or stone. The deck is an important part of the overall look of the pool design.
  3. Spa or no spa? Many people like a built-in spa because it extends the season of the pool. A hot spa on a cold night is a great combination.
  4. Our Gallery – Please visit our gallery to see photos of pools we designed and built.


8.  Pricing and Contract

Find out an estimated completion date.


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