Why Do Our Pools Use Chlorine?

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Why Do Our Pools Use Chlorine?

Germs are everywhere. And most swimmers wouldn’t want to take a dive in a germ-infested petri dish. Without chlorine, swimming inside a pool would be a germaphobe’s nightmare. Even swimming for a few minutes inside an unsanitized pool could expose the swimmer to illnesses such as skin infections and even diarrhea. But with chlorine, its chemistry helps fight germs and keeps swimmers safe.

What The Pros Say About Pool Safety and Chlorine

Chlorine and Pool Safety FAQ

What is chlorine and how is it made? 
Chlorine is a naturally-occurring chemical made from salt that passes an electric current through a brine solution or salt dissolved in water. This process is called electrolysis.

Why is chlorine added to swimming pools?
Simply put, chlorine gets added to pool water to kill germs. Once inside your pool, it creates a weak acid called hypochlorous acid that obliterates bad bacteria like salmonella and E. coli. Swimmer’s ears get protected too with chlorine. Have fun and stay safe out there!

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