When to Install Your Pool: Winter, Spring, or Fall?

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Pool Installation: Winter, Spring, or Fall?

Pros to Fall and Winter Installation

Cheaper Cost

Winters and early fall can be chilly in most areas. Therefore, for pool builders, their work usually slows down during these months which typically makes the costs decrease for potential pool owners.

Landscaping Timeframe

October and early November are ideal times to plant around your pool. When your pool installation begins, your yard’s plants might suffer through the rubble. It takes time to grow vegetation again. Give yourself about four months to re-grow your landscaping, not one or two months during the springtime.

Tax Benefits

Sometimes, you can gain interest when financing your pool, which can be used as a tax write-off. Check your local area.

Pros to Spring Installation

An Opportunity to Save

While pool installation prices won’t be as cost-effective as they are during fall or winter, you can still find deals on inground pools during the spring. Peak times to look are January through March.

Final Verdict? Fall and Winter Wins!

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